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Breast is Best


If you are able to, breastfeeding is best to achieve optimal growth, development and health for your baby. It is also important for mums to prepare themselves nutritionally before and during breastfeeding. In instances where breast milk is not available, or you are considering bottle feeding, it is important to seek professional medical advice first.

Introducing infant formula to a breastfed baby, either partially or exclusively, may reduce your milk supply or make returning to breastfeeding at a later date challenging. Before introducing infant formula to your baby’s diet, it is important to consider other implications, such as convenience and cost over time.

When preparing infant formula, always follow the recommended guidelines and instructions on the product label. Ensure that all equipment used for feeding infants and preparing feeds has been thoroughly cleansed and sterilised before use. Incorrect or unnecessary use may affect the health of your baby.

Information about Blue River Dairy infant formulas and other products is for education and informational purposes only.